One Minute Contest

The ABES-TEC production team participated in and has won the “One Minute Contest,” arranged and juried by the One Minute Academy and the US Mission Embassy of Pakistan. This achievement has marked a new journey for the production studio as they have made their place in the two internationally recognized organizations. It is undoubtedly a big win for ABES.

The contest required a high broadcast-quality one-minute video based on social awareness regarding the spread of epidemics like COVID-19 using the hashtag #StopTheSpread. The main idea of our one-minute video, titled “Take Care of One Another,” is to bring hope and care to the vulnerable groups of our country, considering the horrors of COVID-19. It also demonstrates our role as responsible citizens in educating the uneducated masses regarding the importance of following the SOPs. It has been indeed a well-deserved win for the team as it met all the contest requirements!