[ABES] Adult Basic Education Society

Adult Basic Education Society (ABES) was established in 1971. It has been registered with the Government under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and with the Central Board of Revenue, Islamabad as a non-profit organization ABES, a non- sectarian organization, operating under the sponsorship and supervision of an autonomous Board of Directors, is working for the welfare of the people in Pakistan without any discrimination of race, religion, caste or creed.

Aims and Objectives

The goal of the ABES are outlined in its Constitution, designed for the welfare of all the people in Pakistan. Basically the ABES runs experimental literacy projects for adult and non-formal primary education; trains local teachers, supervisors and administrative staff; develops audio/video resource material for training, publishes literacy and follow-up books; produces teaching aids and audio-visual equipment: concentration on post literacy development, conducts research and evaluation of programmes and modern techniques; and serves organizations by sharing its experience and making available publications and teaching materials. Students, teachers, supervisors, staff and Board members come from different backgrounds.


Board of Directors comprising of 18 Pakistani members along with a number of 25 experienced staff members working under the leadership of Mr. Vincent David who is the founder of ABES. Mr. Vincent David has attended numerous study and observation tours on Adult Literacy, Family Planning, Health Nutrition, Child-care and Agriculture; Training courses on Management of Non-Profit Organization and International Training Program on Management for Change. He is the author of seven technical books for adult literacy, supervisors, teachers and students’ eight booklets on social evils, literacy teaching and follow-up books for neo-literates. He has written 22 scripts for video lessons on adult functional literacy teachers training and 103 scripts for a functional literacy course. These contents were produced through video programs for Pakistan Television in 1974-78 and for ABES in 1987 –88. 
Under the umbrella of the main head office, ABES in 1993 instituted its regional office in Rawalpindi and formed a section by the name of ABES-Teacher Empowerment Centre


• Gold medal awards by Karwan-e-Saqafat Pakistan 
• Gold medal by PTV for best presentation of 156 Adult Literacy Programs for 6 years 1975-1980 
• Shield by Family Planning association of Pakistan 
• Honorable Mention Award in 1984 and the NADEZHDAK KRUPSKAYA prize 1991 from UNESCO Paris on International Literacy Day 
• Certificate of Recognition from National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America


Our Vision:

Our Vision is to... 
see all children involved in a joyful process of learning in which each day is relevant and important, teachers are satisfied, supported and motivated and communities are encouraging, enthusiastic and empowered.

Mission is to… 
provide training opportunities so that vibrant classrooms appear across regions, attracting parents to enroll their children, participate in the activities and experience total quality education.

Commitment is to... 
ensure that, right of every child is met, respected and practiced.